What Is Making Your Compressor Overheat?

Jan 11, 2022 | HVAC Maintenance

Your air conditioning compressor is an important part of your air conditioning unit. The outside unit houses the compressor and responsible for moving refrigeration through the system and cooling your home. Sometimes the compressor stops working because it overheats. It’s actually one of the most common air conditioning problems that your local HVAC company handles.

Mechanic’s ToolsSo, what causes the unit to overheat? Well, the answer isn’t always straightforward because there are many reasons the unit may overheat. Keep reading to learn more about the causes of this common HVAC problem.

Dirty Condenser Coils

The coils are in the tube that runs from the inside air conditioning unit to the outside unit. Over time, the condenser coils get dirty and outside pollutants get in them. When coils get dirty, the refrigerants can’t absorb the heat from indoors and let it out.  This leads to a situation where the compressor must work harder to do its job, and this eventually causes the compressor to overheat.

Low Refrigerant

Have you had your unit’s refrigerant checked recently? Routine HVAC maintenance includes refrigerant checks and helps you get ahead of compressor problems because of low refrigerant. When the refrigerant levels aren’t ideal, the compressor will overheat.

Maintenance Issues

One of the most common reasons for overheated compressors is a lack of general maintenance. The following maintenance issues lead to overheating:

·         Dirty or damaged filters

·         Broken pipes

·         Condensed inner layers

When any of these issues are present, the compressor slows down and can’t do its job effectively. What happens next? You guessed it. The compressor overheats and you end up calling for HVAC repair.

AC UnitAir Conditioner Size

Air conditioning units are not one-size-fits-all. In fact, there are many homes throughout Cartersville that have too small units. When a unit isn’t sized right for the house, it’s going to work harder to cool the home. Eventually, this leads to breakdowns, including overheating. If you notice that it’s taking longer to cool your home or the unit’s making noises that indicate it’s working harder, have your air conditioning checked to make sure the unit’s the right size.

High Voltage and Short Circuits

Any time your home experiences a high voltage surge, there’s potential for compressor problems to follow. Not only could the unit overheat, but it might also trip a circuit. If your outside unit’s having trouble turning on and keeps tripping the circuit, call for HVAC repair right away.

A short-circuiting compressor is rare, but it does happen. One sign that you have this problem is when you catch a whiff of a burning smell from the AC unit. What you might be smelling is the compressor overheating or the wires burning.

Poor Insulation

Older units and those that are exposed to extreme sunlight day after day tend to suffer from insulation problems. Without sufficient insulation, the compressor will heat up. When there’s too much heat, the compressor breaks.

Overheating AC Compressor Solutions

Luckily, when compressor problems are caught early, the fix doesn’t have to involve a new outside unit. If you suspect your air conditioner’s outside unit is overheating, call for HVAC service in Cartersville, GA, right away. The sooner you get a repair tech to your home to inspect the problem, the better chances you have of avoiding an expensive repair or replacement. To have your air conditioning unit serviced, call your local friendly experts at Shriver Mechanical, Inc. at (770) 975-1927 today!