HVAC Services in Kennesaw, GA

Looking for exemplary air-conditioning installation and maintenance service in Kennesaw? Look no further than Shriver Mechanical, Inc. With almost three decades of experience in Kennesaw HVAC services, we’re more than just your traditional air-conditioning company or heating company. We consider ourselves expert cooling and heating contractors, capable of handling all your Kennesaw HVAC solution needs. You can be sure that any service we provide for you will be done with the utmost skill and customer care possible. We specialize in heating and air conditioner installation, maintenance, and repair services and take pride in giving our customers the support and services they need at an affordable price.


Shriver Mechanical is a full-service HVAC company. The range of residential Kennesaw HVAC services and commercial HVAC repair. Here is what we provide for our customers:

  • Indoor air quality services including duct cleaning, HEPA filters, high-efficiency air cleaners, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, and zone work

  • Tankless water heaters installation and service

In addition to our water heater repair services, heating and cooling services, and furnace replacement services, we also offer new heating and cooling system installation services. Whether you have a ductless heat pump in need of maintenance or a new air conditioner unit that isn’t running properly, we’ll be happy to inspect your HVAC system and ensure it’s in tip-top shape. We’re proud to provide 24-hour emergency service for when you find yourself in a bind!

Maintenance Agreement Program

In addition to our regular Kennesaw HVAC services, we also offer a maintenance program. Shriver Mechanical believes that our work isn’t done once the initial work on your HVAC system is complete. Whether you need heating replacement services, heating systems repairs, or heat pump repairs, our maintenance program ensures help is available when you need it. Our program covers two maintenance calls each year with two technicians on each call, one for the work on your air-conditioning unit and one for work on your heating. The maintenance calls keep your HVAC machines working and in tip-top shape.

Some of the areas we check during maintenance calls include:

  • Proper refrigerant levels

  • Belts and pulleys

  • Electrical connections

  • Filters

  • Electric strip heaters

  • Electrical connections

  • Heat exchanger

  • Proper voltage

  • Contacts and relays

  • Condensate pump

  • Blower assembly

  • Indoor coil

  • Burners

  • Fan limit switches

  • Motor

  • Vibration noises

  • Condensate drain

Customer Care

We take care of our clients in Kennesaw and surrounding areas and strive for 100% customer satisfaction. Shriver Mechanical has the prestigious opportunity to be an independent American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning Customer Care Dealer. We keep this level of distinction by earning and maintaining a 90% satisfaction rating with our clients. In fact, each of our clients receives a survey directly from American Standard to ensure the highest-quality customer service is being offered.

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