Reliable AC Service in Acworth 

Dependable Air Conditioning Service

Nothing is more frustrating – or can make you more miserable – than having your air conditioning break down on a hot day. That’s why it’s crucial that you have reliable air conditioning service. Shriver Mechanical has provided expert Acworth air conditioning services for over 30 years. Our team of trained AC service experts can handle repairs and service on all types of HVAC equipment, as well as heating and cooling installations, refrigerant leaks, blown fuses, and heat pump malfunctions.

Emergency AC Repair

If you’re having problems, call us before things get out of hand. For decades, we’ve been providing emergency 24-hour AC service repair in Acworth and throughout the North Georgia area. If there’s a problem anytime of the day or night, call us at 770-975-1927 and we’ll send an expert technician as quickly as possible.

The AC Specialists

With our Acworth air conditioning service, installation and repair is our business. That means we can take care of any problem with any brand of AC unit. If you have any brand that needs repair, we can handle it. Whether you need air conditioning service or installation, don’t hesitate to call Shriver Mechanical.

5 Signs Your AC Has A Problem

Oftentimes, you’ll notice warning signs that your air conditioning needs maintenance before it goes out completely. That’s when it’s best to call us so we can fix any problems before they become more serious (and more costly). Some common warning signs include:

  • The AC unit is running, but your home isn’t as cool as it should be.

  • Banging or grinding sounds coming from the outside unit.

  • Poor air flow or blockage in the vents.

  • Leaking or moisture appearing around the AC system.

  • Mysterious odors coming from your system.

Any one of these problems could be a sign of bigger problems coming down the road. If these look familiar give us a call, and we can have a trained expert at your door anytime of the day or night, so you can get back to living in cool comfort ASAP.

Neighborly Service

When disaster strikes your home HVAC system, you shouldn’t have to rely on strangers. We’ve been serving North Georgia for 30 years. We know the area and we know the people. It’s where we live and work. That’s why you know you can count on us to put the hard work in at a fair price to get your AC working properly.


Whether it’s heating, or AC Installation in Acworth, give us a call anytime to come inspect or repair your home HVAC. No one should have to go through a Georgia summer without AC, and we won’t let you.