How Consistent Commercial HVAC Maintenance Helps Your Bottom Line

Nov 22, 2022 | HVAC Maintenance

image of celling with commercial HVAC maintenance occurringHVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) systems are a huge investment for any business. It’s important to make sure that you’re doing everything you can to keep up with routine commercial HVAC maintenance so that your unit is running smoothly and efficiently. This matters not only for keeping your customers and employees comfortable, but also for avoiding costly repairs.

Here, we will talk about common problems commercial HVAC systems have, the cost of an emergency HVAC repair, and how the right, regular commercial HVAC maintenance can save you money down the road.

Common Problems HVAC Systems Face

HVAC systems are very helpful and can be life savers, but like most things, they have their own common problems, including some of the following:

Improper Airflow

One of the most common problems a commercial HVAC system can have is improper airflow. If your system isn’t providing enough or too much air, it can reduce the efficiency of the entire unit and lead to high energy bills. In addition, lack of proper airflow can cause premature wear and tear that could require expensive repair jobs down the line.

Dirt and Debris Buildup

Another common issue that HVAC systems face is a buildup of dirt and debris. Without proper commercial HVAC maintenance, it’s common for dust and other particles to build up in the system, causing blockages or even a breakdown of the unit. This can further lead to expensive repair bills or require replacements of parts.

Lack of Maintenance and Inspection

One of the most common problems that commercial HVAC systems face is a lack of maintenance and inspection. Without regular checkups, small problems can go unnoticed until they cause bigger issues. What once was a small issue has now become a major malfunction.

The cost of an involved HVAC repair can be expensive depending on the level of damage, so it’s better to make sure everything is working properly by scheduling regular inspections.

The Cost of Emergency HVAC Repair

If these common issues are not addressed, you may need an emergency repair for your commercial HVAC system. An emergency repair can be very costly. If you find yourself in need of one, it’s worth noting that the cost for repairs could range from just over $100 to thousands of dollars for repairs or replacements.

How Regular Maintenance Saves you Money

By completing regular maintenance on your commercial HVAC system, you can avoid costly repairs and full unit replacements. This can save you a significant amount of money down the line, as well as ensure that your system is running at its peak performance all year long.

Shriver Mechanical has been providing commercial HVAC maintenance services for local businesses to help keep them in top shape for years. From regular inspections and necessary repairs to full-scale replacements, our team of professionals can help keep your business comfortable while making sure your HVAC systems receive the maintenance care they need.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can provide consistent commercial HVAC maintenance that will help your bottom line. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have and discuss the best course of action for you and your business.