2021 HVAC Maintenance Checklist

Oct 15, 2021 | HVAC Maintenance, Uncategorized

2020’s been a crazy year. Lots of people were stuck at home for the lockdown. People took up remote work and converted their homes to offices. Perhaps that showed everyone just how important it is to have a comfortable house. What contributes to a home’s comfort level more than a fully functional HVAC system?

To make 2021 as comfortable as possible, your HVAC system has to be in top-notch condition. Beyond repair and warranty, your best bet is to practice preventative maintenance on your HVAC. This will ensure it remains in the best condition for as long as possible.

Quick Guide to HVAC Maintenance

First, understand the issues that could affect your HVAC system such as – leaks, corrosion, and dirt or debris.

Here’s what can be done to properly maintain an HVAC system –

  • Ensure the filters are inspected for dirt and debris. This maintains good air quality. Clean or replace as needed.
  • Beyond the filters, ensure other parts such as blowers, condensers, and other moving parts are clean.
  • Check the thermostat to ensure the correct temperature settings for the AC and heater.
  • To reduce the risk of fires and such, check on the electrical components. It’s best to employ the services of a professional for this.
  • Check that the exhaust outlets are intact to prevent the entry of any dangerous gases.
  • Fuel lines should also be checked to ensure their integrity.
  • To cut down on the effects of wear and tear to the system, ensure all moving parts are well-lubricated.
  • Refrigerant levels should be topped off regularly so cool air is assured.
  • Regular once overs are advised. Inspect the general appearance and working of the HVAC, listening for any weird sounds and such.
  • Doing the above goes a long way in keeping your HVAC system in great condition to improve your air quality.

HVAC Maintenance Checklist

A.   Daily Maintenance

  • Visually inspect the entire system and remove all debris around it.
  • Ensure the space around the HVAC system is at least two feet, so the vents and pumps have space to function properly.
  • Check that the filters aren’t clogged. Clean them thoroughly if they are dirty.

B.    Monthly Maintenance

  • Check the lines for leaks, especially the refrigerant lines, the evaporator coils, and the condenser coils.

       Here’s how to know there’s a leak somewhere –

  • The unit runs longer than usual.
  • The air vents are letting out slightly cool or warm air.
  • The temperature never gets to the right setting.
  • Energy consumption costs get very high.

C.   Yearly Maintenance

Replace the batteries in any of the HVAC’s battery-operated components.

Lubricate the moving parts.

Use bleach to clean the AC condenser line.

Call an expert technician to come to take a look at the system.

There are also some season-specific steps you should take to ensure the system is maximized to its full potential including –

  • Summer – Turn off the water supply to the humidifier furnace.
  • Fall/Winter – Inspect and replace heating element or heat exchanger.
  • Fall – Replace the humidifier filter and turn the water back on.
  • Lastly, replace the air filter every 3 months or every 30 days during the hot summer months.

So get an HVAC system (check), install your HVAC system (check), properly maintain your HVAC system (double-check). Do this and you can rest assured of a comfortable place with fresh air always.

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