What is Split Air Conditioning?

Apr 3, 2021 | Split Air Conditioning System

Split air conditioning is based on an air conditioning system that consists of two separate parts: an air outlet unit (located inside) and a compressor (located outside). It relies on multiple pipes to connect the indoor unit to the outdoor compressor instead of a series of ductwork that is networked across your ceiling. Not only does it help you to clean the environment, but it’s also more energy-efficient. Here’s everything that you need to know about a split air conditioning system.


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How to Choose?

The most important thing about choosing a split air conditioning system is the size – it must suit the space where you want to install it. You may need a professional service to help you determine the size calculation correctly. You can also measure the size of your room and go to the retailer with that information. Then the retailer can guide you regarding the size of the split air conditioner that you should choose. Not only will it allow you to save money while buying the unit and on electricity bills, but it will also keep the environment of your home comfortable. It’s also important to understand the energy consumption of a certain unit because not all air conditioners are made equal.



The installation can make or break your overall experience with a split air conditioning system. You’ll need to make sure that you choose services from professionals to install it correctly. Otherwise, the following can happen:

  • The system will not perform (cool or heat) as it’s meant to.
  • You’ll pay high electricity bills because the system is not working efficiently.
  • Incorrect installation will decrease the lifespan of your split air conditioning system.

Advantages of a Split Air Conditioning System

Split air conditioning is the best choice if your house doesn’t have ductwork. A single unit will be enough for one room to make its temperature comfortable. One of the biggest advantages of a split air conditioning system is that it allows you to expand your air conditioning system by installing additional air outlets for your other rooms. You can also install a separate thermostat for each air outlet that will allow you to control the temperature of each room separately.


The first thing about protecting your new split air conditioner is to make sure that you only opt for the services of a “licensed HVAC company near me”. If you hire a non-professional or inexperienced individual, your warranty most probably will be voided because s/he will not be able to follow the standard procedure. Other than that, you also have to make sure that you get your split air conditioner checked twice a year. Not only will it keep you from the unnecessary and unwanted replacement of parts, but it will also help the system to perform efficiently.

Final Words

A split air conditioning system will most probably cost you close to a typical HVAC system upfront, but it’s a long-term cost and energy-effective alternative, especially for homes without ductwork.

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