What is Included in an HVAC Estimate?

Feb 21, 2022 | HVAC Maintenance

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Many HVAC companies provide estimates before performing services on your heating or air conditioning units. While you may have heard this thrown around before, you may not know exactly what goes into an HVAC estimate. We’re here to cover what you should expect to learn from it as well as any questions you should ask while you’ve got your HVAC professional onsite.

HVAC Estimates

HVAC estimates should include important details that will help you make informed decisions about the HVAC work being performed.

One of the first things you should find in the estimate is a summary of the issue. This is where your professional HVAC technician from Shriver Mechanical will go over their findings. In most cases, this occurs after a visit to your home to pinpoint the exact problem. Your HVAC professional should be knowledgeable enough to explain the problem to you and leave a description of it in the estimate. Also included will be their recommendations for service that is needed. This may be a repair or a complete replacement of your current system as well as any other options for solutions.

Pricing will be another major component of the estimate. This should be an accurate number that will reflect the labor, parts, and any other miscellaneous items needed to complete the project. While the final cost of the project can be up in the air until it is completed, this price estimate should be pretty close to what you’ll be charged at the end.

Estimates may also include any information that is useful for you to know such as warranties on maintenance or any tax credits or rebates your project qualifies you for. This is also helpful because you know you can reach out to the same company in the future if problems should arise again.

Finally, all your estimates will include contact information for the HVAC company. This may seem unnecessary but if you’re reaching out to multiple companies, you’ll want to keep track of who is giving out what information.

Questions to Ask

While you have your technician with you, this is also a great time to ask any important questions about their work and your unit. This equips you with the knowledge needed to make your decision and builds trust with your HVAC technician. Here are some questions we recommend asking:

  • Do you have any references or reviews I can look at?
  • What are your recommendations for technology upgrades?
  • Who will handle the installation?
  • What maintenance programs do you offer?

Getting everything squared away before your HVAC service will give you peace of mind throughout the entire process. Knowing what to expect and having questions ready will set you up for a stress free experience.

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