Tips before Turning on the Air Conditioner

AC unit

It's getting warm, so you're ready to turn on the air conditioner. Not so fast! There are steps you should take before turning on the unit for the first time in the year. It's better to check things now than to find yourself needing AC repair in Acworth when the summer heat is at its worst.

Call a Professional

One sure way to be ready for those hot days ahead is to call a professional to check the AC unit. You may have an annual contract for a free inspection each year. If so, take advantage of that service.

Indoor Equipment

Begin by making sure the AC is "off" or turned up high enough that it won't come on. Make sure the air ducts are open and that nothing is blocking the flow of air. If you haven't changed the air filter lately, now is a good time. Remember to check the filters regularly. Change them at least every three months. Write the date on the filter when you put it in, so you'll know when the last time the filter was changed.

Outdoor Equipment

Do a visual inspection of the AC unit. Clear any weeds or debris around the unit. Check for any missing panels that surround the electrical connections. See if the refrigerant lines are insulated. Look at the electrical wiring for any damage. If you spot a problem, stop and call a professional.

Turning on the AC

Turn the unit "on" or lower the temperature. Check to see that the fan in the condenser is running. The air coming out of the AC unit will be cooler than the temperature outside. Let the AC run until all parts of the home get cool.


Here are some tips that will make the AC run more efficiently and save on energy costs:

  • Have your AC installed in the shade.
  • Don't place heat-producing appliances near the thermostat.
  • Adjust the thermostat before you leave for work. If you can't remember, invest in a programmable thermostat or a security system that lets you adjust the temperature from your smartphone.
  • Turn up the thermostat. Balance how cool you want to be with how much you want to save in energy costs.

Don't neglect the AC unit. Regular AC maintenance can save you money in the long run. You'll reduce the risk of having the AC go out on a scorching day in July.