Split Air Conditioning System: Why Is It Worth It?


Perhaps you’ve heard of a split air conditioning system but never actively considered it for yourself. As you look for the perfect air conditioner repair in Kennesaw, here’s everything you need to know about a split air conditioning system and why it’s worth the investment.


Are you a fan of quiet? Does it bother you that you can hear the air conditioning system roar to life every time it kicks into gear to balance the temperature of your home? Perhaps that hum late at night isn’t your favorite way to try to fall asleep. Whatever your story, a split air conditioning system can offer your peace and quiet, as it runs silently and doesn’t stir up unwanted noise and attention.

Very Easy to Maintain

Even more so than a traditional air conditioning unit, a split unit is incredibly easy to maintain. The filters in these systems are washable and only need a periodic cleaning to stay effective. They’re also very simple to repair when needed.

Easy Installation

There are no air ducts involved in a split air conditioner. This means that that installing these units is extremely easy to do, doesn’t take a great deal of time, and doesn’t take major home renovations and associated costs. That means a new way to heat and cool your home without gutting your home to do it.

Cool and Heat Your Home

Yes, these units can go both ways. Just like a traditional AC unit, a split unit can provide both heating and cooling that are lower in maintenance needs, installation costs, and energy consumption. For a comprehensive heating and cooling solution that simply makes sense, consider a split air conditioning system as your next home renovation or investment.

Finding the right air conditioner repair in Kennesaw, or the right installation team for a new unit, is a great next step. Ask your AC expert today to find out more about what split air conditioners have to offer.