Should I Replace My Ducts?

Our house's ducts may be hidden behind walls, under floors, or inside ceilings and attics. So, a person can forget about them until they start to act up. Sometimes all you need is a simple maintenance check for your ducts, but there are times when you need to replace the ducts altogether.

Continued use of faulty ducts will change the indoor air quality of your home and boost your energy bills. Below, we'll help you identify the signs of a defective duct and tell you when it's time to replace them.

Signs You Need To Replace Air Ducts

It may be easy to forget about your air ducts, as they work behind the scenes. But, once your air ducts get faulty, the problem will become apparent.


So, when do you know if you should replace your air ducts? Here are some signs to look for:


·      Dust and mold: This can be very harmful to you and your family's health. With time, it is common for mold to build up in air ducts. When there is an excess build-up of mold, it will give off an odd odor. If the excess mold invades the ductwork, it can go on to attack your home with spores, which are very dangerous for your family's health.


·      Age: Everything comes with a time limit, even air ducts. The maximum life of any duct is 10 years, and if your air ducts have crossed the 10-year limit, you should replace them. If you continue using the same air ducts even after a decade has passed, you are risking your health and inviting an increase in energy usage.


·      Poor duct design: Your air ducts must be designed correctly by a professional. Otherwise, they can interfere with proper air and heat circulation. Poorly designed air ducts also contribute to HVAC-related energy loss because the system is unable to perform up to its full potential. You need to make sure that the duct design is good for the HVAC to be working efficiently. If you feel like your duct design is faulty, it is time to change your air duct.


·      Damage: If your air duct gets damaged, there will be decreased air circulation or a foul smell. If you feel like your air duct has started performing poorly all of a sudden, it is time to get it checked and replaced. Damaged air ducts will never work the same way, even after they get repaired. So, it is a wise decision to just replace them altogether.



How Much Does Replacement of Air Ducts Cost?

Depending on how big your space is, the price of replacing your air ducts will vary. However, you can easily call up an air duct replacement company, explain your situation to them, and get a rough estimate.



If the air in your home feels odd or there's just too much dust coming in from nowhere, it might be a telling sign of a troubling air duct! If you recognize any of the signs mentioned above, it's time to replace those air ducts.


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