Selecting the Right Size Commercial AC

A good commercial air conditioning system doesn't just keep you happy and comfortable. It keeps your employees focused while they work, and makes your patrons feel right at home every time they visit. If you need a good air conditioner in Marietta, don't make a hasty shopping decision or simply go with what your neighbor purchased. There are many factors that you need to consider, including the brand, the type of air conditioner (from heat pumps to geothermal systems, and more), and your budget. You'll also need to shop for a good air conditioning maintenance company to guarantee your system is properly installed.

However, the most important decision you'll make concerns the size and capacity of the system. Here's how to choose the right AC size for your business.

How to Measure

AC size is rated by tons, typically increasing or decreasing in half-ton degrees. The average commercial system will range from smaller, 2-ton units for small, free-standing structures to 30-ton units for large, multistory units, warehouses, and other oversized businesses.

In order to determine the proper size you require, you'll need to figure out your building's cooling load, or the amount of cool air that needs to be produced, in a unit of Btu (British Thermal Units). Your building's size will have a tremendous effect on the ideal Btu of its AC system.

How to Calculate

To calculate the ideal Btu, you can either hire an air conditioner maintenance team for their professional assistance, or you can simply attempt it yourself. Obtain the total square footage of your commercial business, including every room that you want to cool. Then, divide this total by 500. Now, multiply this number by 12,000. This is a rough estimate of the Btu your system will need. Divide by 12,000 again to get the tonnage of the AC you need.

However, other factors, including the direction the building faces, the number of individuals who inhabit a given room, and each window in every room, all affect the Btu. You'll need to add about 1,000 to the Btu to accommodate these variables.

If you need an air conditioner in Marietta, contact a commercial technician for an accurate measurement of the AC system you'll need.