Reasons Your Furnace Can Trip Your Circuit Breaker

Thermostat Part of homeownership is dealing with an assortment of problems that you never dreamed were issues when you were renting. One of those is troubleshooting a furnace that has quit working. While it's likely to be an operational issue with the furnace itself, sometimes it is an easily fixable issue related to your furnace tripping a circuit breaker. Before calling for heating services in Acworth, if your furnace is out, start with the circuit breaker and if that's tripped, follow these guidelines to figure out why and what to do about it.

The Basics and Why they Matter

Your furnace relies on a circuit breaker to connect to a power source. If that connection is broken or disrupted, the result is your furnace can no longer operate. A circuit breaker trips or disconnects when the connection becomes too hot or subjected to a surge in power that overwhelms its capacity to serve as a connection. When that happens, the power stream to your furnace is broken, which lets the breaker cool and your furnace avoid damage. But, what can make a furnace trip like that?

Overworked Blower

In almost all cases of a tripped circuit breaker on a furnace, the culprit is a blower that's working overtime. Your home never reaches the desired temperature and the blower has to work constantly. Like all electrical processes when the blower is in use, it puts a load on the circuit breaker. When the breaker becomes too hot, it trips before the connection melts or damage is done to the furnace.

The overworked blower is in that situation because something is blocking air flow, preventing the home from heating or cooling properly. The more it works, the hotter that circuit breaker connection gets. Eventually, if sustained long enough, the breaker will trip to preserve itself and to prevent other issues. While regular maintenance from a heating service will address this, occasionally, the issue crops up suddenly. When that happens, getting the problem fixed quickly is critical if you want to avoid a need for heating replacement.

Circuit Breaker Dirty Air Filter

The most common cause of an overworked blower is an air filter that is obstructed. The term obstructed only means that the flow of air is hindered. When that happens, air doesn't travel through the system as easily as is necessary and that makes the blower work harder. Airflow in a filter can be due to a clog, dirt buildup or even just the filter itself failing. The best way to address this issue is with regular inspection and replacement of your air filter.

Bad Thermostat

When a thermostat is bad, it sends a constant message to the furnace that it needs to run. This can make the blower run incessantly, and it can make the furnace itself overwork and overload the circuit breaker. Testing thermostats annually to ensure they are in working order is critical to ensure they are always working correctly.

Leaks and Clotures

If your system is old, chances are it has leaks. If your home is old, chances are it heats unevenly and that can prompt inhabitants to close registers to help monitor and control temperature. In either case, the furnace blower will have to work harder to do its job. Eventually, that can lead to the circuit breaker tripping.

In the case of a tripped circuit breaker, heating systems repair in Acworth is always an option. To learn more about furnace operations and your options, contact Shriver Mechanical.