Reasons Why Your AC Unit Is Releasing a Foul Smell

HVAC Air quality is important for a healthy and happy life. If your AC unit is creating a smell of some sort, you may have an issue that could become dangerous for your health. Even if it never proceeds to that level, you're certainly not going to be comfortable, and that goes against the reason for having an air conditioner. There are many reasons why an AC might create a bad smell. Here are a few reasons.

Bigger Is Not Better

If your AC unit is too big for your space, it cannot effectively remove the humidity form the air. This may create a musty smell since the humidity becomes a part of the problem rather than being solved before the room gets too cool.

Clogged Drain

Sure, clogged drains are often associated with plumbing, but your AC unit has a drainage tube, too! If it becomes clogged, it can be a breeding ground for mold, which smells unpleasant and can exacerbate allergies and other breathing problems.

Proper Use

Continuously running the AC on the low setting may also cause the right conditions for mold growth and odors. Again, this results from the inability of the AC to dehumidify the area properly. Read the guidelines on proper use of your AC and follow the manufacturer's recommendations.

Other causes of bad smells include dead animals in the ducts, dirt air filters, and water leaking into the vents. While there are many reasons for a foul smell to come from the air conditioner, you may not be able to diagnose the problem. Calling a professional air conditioning service in Marietta to help you find and solve the problem is usually the best solution, especially if you've inherited the unit. Once they've isolated the problem, they can usually fix it with a minimum of fuss, and then you can breathe easier without the disturbing aroma of whatever it was causing the stink.