How to Finance New HVAC Systems

A new heating and cooling system can cost thousands of dollars. If you don’t have this money available in your savings account, you’ll have to borrow it or live without the comfort of your HVAC system until you save up for the replacement. Luckily, homeowners have a number of financing options available when they know where to look.

Financing from Your HVAC Seller

·        Apply online or through dealer

·        Interest rates up to 28%

·        Best for well-qualified buyers

Financing from a Home Equity Line of Credit

·        Financing through a bank or mortgage company

·        Lower interest rates

·        Homeowners must have a certain percentage of equity in the home to qualify

FHA Financing

·        Home improvement loan back by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA)

·        Borrow up to $7500 with no collateral

·        Must have equity in the home to qualify

Power Company Financing

·        Pay down the cost of the HVAC unit on your utility bill

·        Low interest rates for energy-efficient products

·        Utility company may have minimum SEER requirements to qualify

At Shriver Mechanical, Inc., we know the financial burden a new HVAC system can place on our customers. When you’re faced with an unexpected HVAC repair or replacement, we have financing options that might help. We work with various financing companies to help our customers find cost-effective loans. Some of the lenders we work with include Wells Fargo Financing, Rheem Financing, Mitsubishi Financing, and Cobb EMC Financing.

Do you have questions about financing? Our team is happy to answer all your questions. You can even begin an application over the phone with one of our customer service representatives. Learn more by calling Shriver Mechanical, Inc., at (770) 975-1927.