How to Extend the Life of Your AC Unit

Your air conditioner is an integral part of your summer comfort. When the temperature rises, you don't want to have to sweat it out in your home or office. With all of the work it does, you might wonder how soon it will be until your AC unit breaks down. A replacement AC can be expensive and inconvenient if your air conditioning goes out during the summer. Here are some simple tips for extending the life of your AC.

Go Outdoors

Sure, if you go outdoors, there's no reason to use the AC unit. However, that's not what is meant here. Your air conditioner most likely has an outdoor component that needs to be cleaned and kept free of debris. Grass and weeds can grow around it and cause problems with the air intake. In the fall and winter, it may get covered in leaves and dirt. Clean it up.

Woman Turns on AC Check the Vents

Both intake and outflow vents could be obstructed by drapes, carpets or furniture. They may even be closed. Open them up and let the air flow through. If there is dust nearby, be sure to get the vacuum out and get rid of those dust bunnies.

Turn the AC off

If the day is cool enough, a fan in a window on the shady side of the building may be all you need to keep comfortable. Turn off the AC unit, and you add to the number of future days it will work.

Use the Dryer at Night

When you use the dryer, it draws air form the outside into the home. If that air is hot, your AC will have to work harder to keep the house cool. Use the dryer at night when the air is cooler, and your AC will have to work less hard. Better yet, air dry clothes if you can. A clothesline set up outside or a rack set in the sun room will get your clothes just as dry in an eco-friendly way while saving you money. As a bonus suggestion, turning off and unplugging your electronics when not in use will save you money on your energy bill, and while they may produce only a little heat, the overall effect of keeping your electronics off will save your AC from having to compensate for the rising temp coming from your computer, TV, and lights.

Dryer Change the Air Filter

Most manufacturers recommend changing the air filter once every three months. As the air filter gets used more, it accumulates more dust, pollen, and pet dander. These clog the air filter and cause the AC unit to have to work harder to draw air into it. The harder the AC unit works, the shorter its lifespan. Clean air filters will improve on the number of years your AC unit can work efficiently.

Conduct Regular Maintenance

Hiring an HVAC service in Marietta keeps the majority of the responsibility off of your shoulders, but the main reason to hire a professional is because he or she will be able to prevent problems and make minor repairs to stave off more complicated issues with your AC. Contact Shriver Mechanical today and find out how they can help you extend the life of your AC unit.