How Often Should You Replace Air Filters?

May 15, 2021 | Air Filters

AC Air Filter Replacement Acworth GAHome maintenance should be one of your priorities as a homeowner. Otherwise over time, neglected home appliances may develop faults due to poor maintenance or overuse, which will worsen if left for long. Trying to get repairs at that point can be quite costly.

One way to prevent costly damage to your HVAC system is regularly replacing your home’s air filter. It is such an important part of the HVAC. Air filters trap particles and contaminants that could potentially harm you and your family and ensure only clean air circulates through the ducts.

How often to replace your air filter

The air filter of your HVAC unit should be changed at least every three months. This because the HVAC unit is often used all year round. It can develop issues within that short time frame.

It’s also advisable to schedule a technician to service your HVAC unit at least once a year. Part of the servicing includes inspecting the air filter. Replacing your air filters every three months and getting annual service will help prevent costly AC repair down the road.

How to know if something is wrong with your air filter:

If you ignore your HVAC air filter replacement, you’ll likely experience the following problems:

• Frozen evaporator coils

• Inadequate heating/cooling

• Uneven distribution of air

• A spike in utility bills due to increased energy consumption.

Reasons you may need to change your filter more frequently

Although it is recommended to replace your air filter every three months, sometimes there are conditions that will necessitate changing it more often.

You should immediately replace your air filter if:

• The filter is damaged – A damaged filter is useless. The damage could have occurred during packaging or during installation.

• The filter is damp – Moisture intrusion, system condensation, and high indoor humidity can affect the filter. Once this occurs, the ventilation system gets damaged.

• Microbial growth or presence of mold – This not only makes the filter function poorly but it’s also harmful to your body. Mold can lead to respiratory issues.

You should replace your air filter once every month if:

• Your unit is being used for six months a year

• You have pets that release dander. This could become airborne and circulate through your home’s ventilation system

• People smoke indoors

• You live in a windy area

• You live in an area that is prone to wildfires or recently experienced one. Ash will find its way in.

• There’s a frequently used fireplace in your home

• You live near a construction site. Dirt and debris will find their way in.

If you are still unsure how often to replace your air filter or find an issue with your HVAC system, you can ask a technician or schedule an HVAC maintenance service. Our experts at Shriver Mechanical are ready to help.

Our professionals can clean or replace your air filter and handle other HVAC issues such as repairs or installation. Reach out to us at Shriver Mechanical on our website or call (770)-975-1927 for more information.