How Often Should You Clean Your AC Coils?


To keep your air conditioner working efficiently and reliably, you must give it the proper care and maintenance; this includes cleaning the evaporator and condenser coils, two of the unit’s most critical components. Keeping these two clean and clear of dirt and debris can not only ensure your unit’s efficiency but prevent it from breaking down for as long as possible. Schedule regular professional External link opens in new tab or windowair conditioner maintenance in Acworth to make sure this critical task is done right the first time every time.

Why Proper Cleaning Is Crucial

The evaporator and condenser coils are two of the most crucial components of a central air conditioner for a good reason. To understand this reason, let’s start with the basics. An air conditioner creates a cooling effect by cyclically converting refrigerant between liquid and gaseous states, removing heat energy from inside a building and emitting it outside. This process occurs with the use of both air conditioner coils.

If air conditioner coils are left dirty for an extended period, the efficiency of the cooling and heating process is affected. It’s estimated that, at the most, the energy usage of a unit can increase by 30 percent. Other than decreased efficiency, other problems, such as poor cooling performance and compressor overheating, can occur.

Preventing Dirty Coils

It’s recommended to regularly replace your filter at least once every month to inhibit dirt and dust from entering the unit. Not only can a dirty air filter allow easy access to your unit’s fragile interior, but it can also reduce airflow. You should also keep a minimum distance of two feet around the condenser unit free of debris, such as vegetation and trash.

How to Clean Coils

Keeping your coils clean is relatively simple. To remove loose dirt and dust from them, hose them down with a light stream after shutting the power off. Since the fins on evaporator and condenser coils are incredibly fragile, it’s recommended to leave the removal of stronger stains and buildup to professionally trained contractors. The best way to keep your coils spot-free and your unit durable is to schedule regular semiannual maintenance.