Different Types of Residential HVAC Service

Feb 9, 2022 | Uncategorized

AC Unit

AC Unit

What’s a home without the proper heating and cooling technology to keep it at just the right temperature? It’s certainly not as comfortable during the summer and winter months, that’s for sure. When it comes to residential HVAC systems, they come in four main varieties, so keep that in mind as you seek out residential HVAC service in Kennesaw.

Split System

This is the classic unit for heating and cooling in Kennesaw. This is where you have two components of the entire system, one inside the house and one outside of it. HVAC split systems will cool the refrigerant that they use and include ducts that carry air throughout the building. A thermostat is used to manage the temperature in these, and the combination of a furnace and fan or an evaporator coil are what convert the refrigerant and allow for cool air circulation. Split systems can have the additional air filters or purifiers attached to them as well.

Hybrid Heat Split System

This type of HVAC system is a souped-up version of the traditional split system. It’s much more energy efficient, and it includes a heat pump that allows for electricity to fuel it and heat or cool the refrigerant. This system also includes ducts to transport air throughout the building, as well as a thermostat for temperature adjustments and the ability to include filters. The main difference is the electrical heating and cooling component, making this system more versatile, but for clarification you should ask your commercial HVAC service in Kennesaw.


Man working on air conditionerAs the name suggests, this type of HVAC system doesn’t include ducts to circulate air throughout a building. Duct-free HVAC systems are excellent for smaller spaces or for trying to accommodate an already existing split system for a larger building with a lot of area to cover. These systems use a heat pump or air conditioner to heat and cool the refrigerant. Experts of air conditioner service in Kennesaw know that these units use a fan coil that’s compact, a thermostat for temperature control, and the option for air quality filters.


An example of a packaged HVAC system is a window unit. These HVAC systems are designed for small, compact spaces. They include the air conditioner and heat pump, along with the evaporator coil and fan coil, all in a single unit. The thermostat should be built directly into the unit itself, giving you direct control of the system and temperature.

Whether you’re in need of residential HVAC repair service in Kennesaw, or you’re considering installing a new unit in your home, HVAC systems come in a variety of styles and options and it’s good to seek a professional perspective.