Difference Between Residential and Commercial HVAC

Aug 15, 2022 | HVAC Maintenance

Heating and cooling systems are the same no matter where you go, right? That’s actually not the case. In fact, it’s likely that no two HVAC systems are the exact same especially when it comes the difference between residential and commercial spaces. There’s a lot that varies when you go from one to the other which makes sense considering how specialized the equipment needs to be in order to service different kinds of buildings and locations.


It’s a given that the larger a building is, the larger of a system is needed to heat or cool the space. A single family, residential home has much different needs than a giant office building because it doesn’t have as much area that needs to be warmed or cooled.

You also need to consider the types of spaces within the building. A central thermostat may work well for a home but an office building with multiple, separate rooms may require ways to adjust the temperature in each one or a separate thermostat for each room.


We’ve all seen the AC units sitting outside our homes. These are typical locations to find a residential HVAC system. It is close to the house while also not in plain sight with easy access to the technicians.

Commercial HVAC units won’t be found sitting beside the building. They’re actually more likely to be on the roof due to how large they are. Not only is size a factor, the noise level of commercial HVAC also plays a role in why the roof is a good option. This keeps it in an easy to access space that doesn’t disrupt the occupants of the building.


Residential HVAC systems are usually standalone units that need to be connected at certain points. Commercial systems, however, involves a lot more pieces coming together to help the system run. They may also be specifically customized to the needs of a particular building. While residential units can’t handle many modifications or expansions, commercial HVACs can adapt with the space and parts can be added or removed to accommodate the heating and cooling needs of the building.


A commercial HVAC system will need significantly more knowledge in order to perform maintenance checks. This is because these are complex and large systems that are usually unique to the building. Unlike maintenance on residential HVAC, these require a specific skillset.

Residential homes are much less complicated and many only require basic maintenance work throughout the year from inspecting the equipment to cleaning the unit to changing out air filters. These will also be less expensive to upkeep or repair than your average commercial HVAC.

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