Common AC Repairs

Aug 13, 2021 | HVAC Maintenance

Your AC functions to keep you cool during those hot summers, and having regular maintenance is just part of what keeps your unit running smoothly. Performance issues can arise at any time, interrupting your use, causing frustration, or costly AC repair. Ensuring you address any unusual signs the unit is giving off promotes longevity and saves you money down the road.

Identifying Your Air Conditioning Issues

There are several problems that AC units can have, and the following outlines the top issues.


1. Poor Maintenance

Allowing filters or coils to get dirty can create issues with the compressor, fan, or the entire unit.

2. Drainage Issues

Air conditioners have a part called a condensate drain which can get clogged with lint or dirt. If this does get blocked, water can pool in the drain pan or possibly cause damage when leaking out.

3. Thermostat

 After a time, the thermostat can become dirty, misadjusted, and affected by sunlight. Checking to make sure it is on and with the proper settings is a starting point.

4. Filter

 A dirty or clogged filter can cause issues, and the manufacturer’s suggestions are 1-3 months to change it out when in use. A dirty filter can reduce airflow and cause the machine to stop working.

5. Refrigerant Leaks

 Your air conditioning unit requires coolant to keep the residences air at optimum temperature. If the air conditioner is leaking, this will disrupt the temperature.

6. Compressor or Compressor Fan

 The compressor moves the refrigerant through the coils to carry out the unit exchange for cooling. If the refrigerant is low, this can cause the unit to overheat, or if it is too much, it can cause the safety controls to come on and shut it down. The breakdown can lead to getting a diagnosis that may require expensive repair.

 7. Sensor Issues

The sensor is located behind the control panel; the unit will not perform optimally if you move the sensor. It should be close to the coil but not quite touching it.

8. Evaporator Coil

These coils consume the heat from the air and recycle it into cold air. They can be prone to corrosion over time, but it is a best practice that you service them every three years.

9. Contactor Concern

The air conditioner has multiple parts, the condenser fan motor, blower motor, and compressor. The contactor is what makes the electrical connection signaling for them to work. If the piece is dirty, it can cause it to pit or arc, signaling a problem. 

What Do You Do if You Have Tried Everything?

Your equipment breakdown can come at the worst time, so you need an experienced air conditioning repair professional that can get the job done. Shriver Mechanical in Acworth, GA., understands the importance of keeping cool on a hot day and is proud to offer residential and commercial clients service. We provide emergency services and regular repairs, so visit us at Shriver Mechanical or give call us today at (770) 975-1927 to schedule your free AC repair consultation.