Best Winter Care Tips for Your HVAC System


When the weather's mild, you may not feel like you're utilizing your HVAC system. The fact is, however, you never know when you'll be relying on your home's heating or cooling the most, so your HVAC needs to be properly maintained at all times of the year. Before things get out of hand and you'll require HVAC repair in Marietta, here are a few tips on taking care of your HVAC during the winter months.

Switching Out Air Filters

It's a good idea to change your HVAC's air filters on a monthly basis. However, if you've been negligent, it's wise to take the time when the weather's mild to switch out your air filters to ensure that your home's air is as clean and healthy as possible. Remember, it doesn't matter if your filters appear dirty. Installing new filters is still a necessity.

Test Your Thermostat

The next time it's unusually cold in the morning, turn your thermostat to your preferred temperature, then see how long it takes for your home's internal temperature to get there. If it never reaches there, obviously you've got a problem. However, if your HVAC is responding too slowly to the desired change in temperature, you should still seek the services of a professional. You'll want an unresponsive thermostat fixed as quickly as possible, so you can rely on your HVAC when you really need it.

Dirty ac Programmable Thermostats

If you've never considered switching to a programmable thermostat, now's a good time to look into it. Programmable thermostats allow you to set your home's temperature to change automatically depending on the time of day. By keeping the temperature lower at night and when you're not home, you can save a lot of energy on heat you weren't going to use anyway. Also, you can set the house to warm up an hour before you get home from work, so it's nice and toasty upon arrival. By making smart choices with your heating in the winter and your air conditioning during the summer, you can keep your home perfectly comfortable while saving a ton of money on heating and cooling costs.

Blower Compartment Cleaning

A helpful and often ignored duty, cleaning out your blower compartment is a simple way to vastly improve your home's air quality. Taking a few minutes to vacuum out all the dust and debris that's residing in your furnace's blower compartment helps with your home's air while reducing unnecessary strain on your HVAC.

Examine Your Air Vents

You may not think about them much, but your air vents are your last lines of defense between you and dirty air. Walk around your house and check your air vents for any dust or debris that might be blocking them. By cleaning them out and changing the air filters simultaneously, you can guarantee clean air in your house.

Listen for Noise

Run your HVAC for a while and listen closely for noise. You shouldn't hear much, but if you do hear something, try to locate the problem and get it checked out if necessary. This would also be a good time to look for any leaks.

Following these simple steps -- and hiring experts at HVAC service in Marietta should any troubles arise -- is a great way to ensure your home will be healthy and comfortable in all kinds of weather. Give us a call at Shriver Mechanical Inc. today!