An Overview of Different Types of HVAC Systems

Home HVAC A great way to save money on your monthly utility bills and still be comfortable in your home is to have an air conditioning company in Kennesaw install a new HVAC system. HVAC systems have evolved substantially over the years, so if you're not sure what types of systems you can choose from, here's a basic overview to help you decide what's best for your home.

Split Systems

A split system is the typical system you'll see in many homes, and is often just called central cooling or heating, or central air. There's an outdoor AC, or condenser unit, and an indoor furnace and evaporator coil that uses refrigerant to cool or heat the home. A thermostat located in the home detects when the system needs to run and also signals when it can shut off after the temperature has been reached. The air is distributed throughout the home through ducts to registers located in each room.

Hybrid Split System

A hybrid split system is similar to a regular split system, but there's a heat pump involved as well. The heat pump can heat or cool the refrigerant. It's called a hybrid system because it has the option of using an electric power source instead of a gas fuel source as well. That means that you'll save more on energy costs, especially during the heating season. The heat pump pumps heat from outdoors to indoors, but if it's too cold, the system is able to use the gas-burning furnace instead to ensure the home is heated sufficiently.

Ductless System

A ductless split system is a great alternative when a home doesn't have room for ducts. The system includes an indoor unit to deliver the air directly to the room. In some cases that means that there's a separate indoor unit for each room. The indoor unit is connected to an outdoor unit with a heat pump that uses refrigerant to either heat or cool the air.

Packaged System

In some cases, split system heating and AC installation in Kennesaw isn't possible and a packaged system is a better choice. Packed heating and AC systems are self-contained heat pumps that include an evaporator, fan coil, and thermostat to control the temperature of an entire home or single room.