Advantages of Replacing Your Furnace and AC Together

Many homeowners dread the day that their HVAC guy tells them they need to replace their heater or air conditioner. It's not a small expense, and most people want to keep the cost down as much as possible. So, it's unlikely that you'll be tempted to replace both your heater and your air conditioner at the same time. But doing this can offer you several significant advantages.

Matched System

You have a guy come out for a simple HVAC repair in Cartersville, and he tells you our heater is going out. It's time to get a new one. The air conditioner is quite old as well, but it might last you a couple more years. So, you do you replace just the heater?

But your heater and air conditioner are not entirely separate. They're part of the same system, and use some of the same components in their functions, such as the air blower. When you replace only one part of your system, you're combining old, outdated technology with newer, more efficient technology. This can lead to issues if the unmatched system doesn't work well together.

A matched system is going to function better because your entire system has been replaced and all of the parts share the same capabilities and level of efficiency.

Greater Energy Efficiency

As mentioned above, your heater and AC are part of a single system. When you keep old parts in the system, even when putting in a newer, more efficient unit, you decrease the efficiency of that new unit. Think of it as buying a new car, but putting an old, outdated engine in it; you're just not going to get the fuel efficiency that car is capable of when you do that.

Similarly, keeping old parts in your HVAC system decreases the efficiency of that new unit you're putting in. And why would you pay for a new, expensive, energy-efficient unit if you're going to weigh it down and make it less efficient with other outdated equipment?

Decreased Utility Bills

When you replace your heater and AC together, and you allow that new equipment to function at optimum efficiency, you'll see your utility bills dropping throughout the year. In the summer and winter, your HVAC unit will be working as efficiently as it can, because it doesn't have any outdated parts to hold it back. This will help you to save money over time.

Know When They Both Need Work

Heaters and ACs have roughly the same lifespan. So, when you replace both of these items together, it's a lot easier to know how old the units are. Rather than trying to remember if you replaced the heater 12 years ago, or if that was the AC and the heater is actually 15 years old, you'll know that both parts of your HVAC system are the same age, fading out at the same time, and ready for replacement in the same year.

So, while you may not look forward to the high bill you'll get when replacing both of these units at the same time, you'll reap many advantages in the years to come, and you won't have to worry about a second large bill in a few years. If you need to replace your furnace and AC, contact us for residential HVAC service in Cartersville.