How Often Do HVAC Systems Need Repair and Maintenance?

Jan 11, 2022 | HVAC Maintenance

How often do you have an HVAC service expert inspect your system? Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning professionals can help you stay comfortable and keep your air clean and healthy.

Consider this your guide for keeping your system working well. How often should you have professional HVAC company in Kennesaw inspect the units, ducts, and all of their components? The answer is below.

A Word About Efficiency Loss

First, you should know why regular HVAC service is a necessity. Every year that you own an air conditioner or heater it slowly becomes less efficient. A number of factors contribute to this, including a decrease in the fluids, dirty vents, and degrading parts like the condenser coil. Regular maintenance can help stave off the effects of a slowly declining system, which helps prevent an increase in utility costs due to the units having to work harder to meet your comfort needs.

Service Periods

It is recommended that you have each individual unit inspected at least once a year. For the best service experience, HVAC professionals should inspect your heater in the fall. This ensures it is prepared for the winter, and if your cooling system inspected in the spring, it confirms it can handle working through the summer heat. If you did not have your air conditioner and ducts inspected this past spring, request an inspection soon. Any signs of damage or decline can be repaired right away.

What Should Be Done

When a technician visits your property, they should inspect your heating unit or air conditioner, including the external and internal components and the connections. They may also request to test your thermostat and should also check your vents and ducts for signs of damage or grime. If any repairs appear to be necessary, the technician should notify you beforehand. Overall, these minor repairs will keep your systems running smoothly and help prolong their life span.

Where to Begin

So, if you need to have your air conditioner, heater, or ventilation system serviced and have not done so this year, contact professional HVAC repair in Kennesaw right away. If your utility bills have been higher than usual, your system is over 10 years old, your home is over 10 years old, or you have been noticing unusual problems, do not hesitate. Failure to order annual service to both your heating and cooling systems–heating in the fall, cooling in the spring–can result in you needing to pay thousands of dollars to replace the unit. A technician can diagnose and repair problems before they send your heating or cooling in chaos.