9 Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips to Extend Its Lifespan

Your air conditioner works day-in and day-out for your needs. It protects you from overheating due to extreme temperatures, ensures healthy air flow, and filters out allergens from the indoor environment. You should do all that you can to keep your A/C running as long as it can. That is where an air conditioning company in Kennesaw can step in. Like all machines, your air conditioner will eventually expire, but here are 9 tips on air conditioning maintenance in Kennesaw so you can prolong its lifespan as much as possible.

·         First and foremost, you should always be on top of your air filters. Clean them monthly—set an exact day of the month that you will remember—and replace them every 3 months for best results. A dirty filter can strain your A/C unit, forcing it to work harder to intake and output clean air.

·         When you clean your air filters, vacuum your air ducts and vents. This will increase the efficiency of your air conditioning system, help keep air clean, and prolong the life of the A/C unit.

·         Keep the area around your A/C unit clear of grass, leaves, dirt, cobwebs, and, most importantly, stored junk. Give your unit at least 2 feet of clear breathing room to ensure optimal air flow and make its work easier.

·         Also be sure that it is sitting on level ground and correct it as necessary. A contractor may need to level out the concrete slab on which it rests.

·         A great hack for improving your A/C unit's efficiency is to provide it with shade. Sunlight on a metallic machine can create triple-digit heat—heat your unit must fight against in order to provide you with cool air. An awning or sun shade high above the unit will make it more efficient, which prolongs its life.

·         Some maintenance requires professionals who understand air conditioning in Kennesaw. These technicians can help you with a variety of A/C life-extending tasks, including cleaning the evaporator and condenser coils inside the unit. Over time, these coils will become coated in dirt, dust, and grime, which prevents them from absorbing heat and cooling the air. 

·          The coil fins require occasional inspection, as well. If these delicate aluminum parts happen to bend out of shape, they can actually block air flow. Regular air conditioning repair in Kennesaw should include combing these fins back into shape.

·         For best results, hire a maintenance technician to inspect your A/C annually. In addition to handling some of the above tasks, your technician can inspect the condensate drain, refrigerant lines, motor, and fan blades inside your air conditioning unit and make necessary repairs or replacements.

·         Checking fluid levels should also be part of an annual tune-up on your A/C unit. A lack of appropriate fluids can put unnecessary strain on the machine, which shortens its lifespan.

These are just 9 ways to improve the lifespan of your air conditioning unit. For more tips specific for the exact and brand and model of your unit, hire air conditioning maintenance in Kennesaw to inspect, clean, and repair your A/C unit. These regular investments ensure your unit lasts as long as possible.