5 Myths You Should Not Believe about Air Conditioning

It's almost a summer tradition that we try and save energy and thus money by using our air conditioners in ways we think are energy-efficient or will minimize our need for them. Unfortunately, a lot of what we consider “efficient” management of our air conditioning systems is based on nothing more than myth and in a few cases, those myths can actually harm our air conditioning systems. Before you end up having to look for air conditioning repair in Cartersville, make sure you're not falling prey to these myths.

Only Broken Systems Need Attention

You would not drive your car for 100K miles without a tune-up. This is because even moderate use can cause problems and if a problem is ignored it tends to develop into a crisis. The same applies to HVAC and air conditioner systems. We use them for the majority of months, almost non-stop and that takes its toll. It's silly to think that you can ignore air conditioner maintenance in Cartersville and there not be a repercussion, probably at just about the middle of the next heat wave.

Rooms Cool Faster with a Cranked AC System

Inverter air conditioners are different, but your standard air conditioning system only turns the compressor on or off, based on the thermostat reading. The compressor works at the speed it works. Thus, the lower the temperature on the air conditioner control module does not make the compressor work quicker, but can make it work harder if left on for a long period at a ridiculously low temperature setting. This can lead you to need AC repair in Cartersville quicker than you should but also will not make it any cooler faster, meaning you end up wasting a lot of energy for no good result.

Air Conditioners Produce Fresh Air

Many people think air conditioners let in or produce fresh air. In reality, what air conditioners do is pull warm air in the building in, cool it and recirculate it throughout the building. They don't pull air from the outside or clean the air, by themselves. Filters serve to take out some of the particulate matter in the air, but they will only “clean” the air partly, mainly by removing floating dust and debris. That results in somewhat cleaner air immediately after air passes through the filter, but any reduction in dust or debris is usually lost as the air circulates through the rest of the system.

These are some common myths that many people believe about air conditioners. The most important myth in regards to your air conditioning system is the one about maintenance. If you want to avoid air conditioning repair in Cartersville, make sure your air conditioner is well-maintained year-round.