5 Effective Tips for Hiring a Reliable HVAC Company

For your heating and air conditioning needs, it's important to find an HVAC company that is both reliable and efficient. In today’s market, however, there are dozens of scam artists pretending to be air conditioning repairmen. How do you find reliable HVAC service in Marietta? Here are 5 shopping tips from the experts at Shriver Mechanical.

Ask Neighbors and Friends for Reviews

Friends, family members, co-workers, neighbors--ask everyone you know about local HVAC companies. Oftentimes, your best source of information is word-of-mouth, especially if you recently moved to the area. First-hand accounts from these sources are great testimonies to the work performed by local repair companies in Marietta. Ask them about the quality of the services provided. How quickly did their company respond? What kind of work was performed? Were the prices reasonable? How many companies did you consider before making your selection?

Check Company Reviews Online

The internet is probably the best tool for connecting clients with local businesses. You can find reviews online at sites like Angie’s List, Google, and the Better Business Bureau. The BBB is one of the most accredited review sites because it's a third-party website that acts as a mediator between clients and business owners. When a customer is unsatisfied with the work performed, they can post their complaint and give the company the opportunity to rectify the situation. Pay careful attention to the level of attention your prospective HVAC company gives to resolving issues.

Stop by the Company Website

Many customers get their first impression of a company when they check out their website. Websites are designed not only to be informative but also to serve as a means of communication. Here you can make direct inquiries via email, connect to social media, schedule appointments, and get helpful advice on the company blog. A business should always strive to provide the customer with as much information as possible so they can make an informed decision when selecting an HVAC company.

Educate Yourself

Take some time to research not only HVAC companies but the products and services they offer. If you're having trouble with your current system, try to deduce through online research what the problem could be and what methods are used to solve the problem. By doing so, you'll be able to ask better questions and you won’t get lost in technical jargon. Educating yourself about your HVAC system will help you troubleshoot future problems and relay detailed information to your technician.

Ask for Credentials

Before hiring anyone, always ask for their business license and business insurance. A business license is issued by your local authorities and proves the legitimacy of an organization. Business insurance is also usually required by the state. It protects you and your property in case an accident occurs while work is being performed.

With these 5 tips from the experts at Shriver Mechanical, you're guaranteed to find the best HVAC companies in Marietta.