4 AC Sounds You Should Be Aware Of

Air Conditioner

You know how air conditioners are supposed to sound. That steady hum you hear means everything is working the way it should and you can relax in air conditioned paradise. However, sometimes, you might hear something a little funky coming out of your AC unit. Some problems are worse than others, so before you call your air conditioner company in Kennesaw, here's a little primer about what might be going wrong with your air conditioner.

1. Squealing

A squealing sound is never a pleasant thing. Some air conditioners may have a small, relatively quiet, squeal when starting up. If, however, your AC unit used to never make that sound, but develops it later on, that could be a sign something has gone wrong with the compressor. It's best to call in an expert to take a look at it.

2. Hissing

If it sounds like a leak, it's probably a leak. A pronounced hissing sound likely indicated refrigerant is leaking into the atmosphere. Since your air conditioner can't operate without refrigerant, this isn't a problem you can resolve on your own. Time to call the local expert on air conditioner installation in Kennesaw to repair the leak and recharge the refrigerant.

3. Animal Sounds

This one can be unpleasant. The important thing is to not disregard the noise if it sounds too exotic. You may not want to contemplate the possibility that a bird or rodent got stuck in the ductwork, but it's a distinct possibility that can't be ignored. After having a professional remove the animal, search around your home to see where the little beast may have entered so you can have it blocked off to avoid repeat offenders.

4. Rattling or Clanking Sounds

Pronounced clanking sounds emanating from your AC may indicate a failure in the motor mounts. While your AC may look fine, and even work effectively for a short while, the motor is going through its death throes within the unit itself, so you'll have no choice but to call in an expert.

If you're aware of these obvious warning signs, you'll have a good idea when it's time to get on the ball and call for AC repair.