Why You Shouldn't Forget Air Ducts in AC Maintenance 

Air Conditioning Maintenance Marietta GAYour AC system should receive an inspection and tune-up every year, preferably in the spring, before the heat of summer kicks in and your AC is working over time. Many people overlook the importance of regular maintenance for their AC systems, and they end up paying for extra repairs, higher utilities, and earlier replacement. But even those who are consistent about getting their AC tune-ups every year can overlook one important part of their HVAC system—their air ducts. Here’s why you can’t overlook your airducts when getting External link opens in new tab or windowAC maintenance in Marietta, GA.

Check for Mold Growth

We don’t have to tell you how humid Georgia can get. And, with that heat, comes the potential of mold growth in many areas of your home. Unfortunately, that can include your air ducts. If mold spores get into your ducts and begin to reproduce, every time your AC turns on, the system will blow those spores into your home. This can impact the respiratory health of everyone in your home, especially those with allergies or other respiratory issues like asthma. A quick inspection of air ducts will make sure they’re mold-free so that you are breathing air that is not only cool, but clean as well.

Fix Duct Leaks

Air ducts are typically made of a flexible tubing that runs through the walls of your home, just like your pipes. And, like your pipes, the joints of these ducts can begin to leak sometimes. Unlike plumbing leaks though, duct leaks are entirely silent and don’t create water spots to notify you of an issue. Instead, they simply force your HVAC system to work harder, driving up your utility bills without giving you a clear indicator as to why those numbers keep climbing.

The only consistent way to catch a duct leak is to have your air ducts inspected by a professional. They can find and patch up these leaks so that your system doesn’t have to work as hard to cool your home, which means lower utility bills for you all summer long.

Prevent Hot Spots

Do you have certain rooms in your house that just don’t seem to cool off as the rest of the house? This is likely because those rooms are farther from the air conditioning unit, and the cool air simply isn’t making its way through the air ducts. Why is this happening? Only a duct inspection can tell you for sure. It could be a duct leak or some sort of obstruction in the tubing. But whatever it is, a professional can find and fix the problem so that you don’t get those hot spots in your house.

Keep Out Dirt and Dust

If there are any leaks in your air ducts, cool air getting out of the tubing isn’t the only problem—dirt and dust could be getting in too. The movement of air through the ducts can pull in any surrounding dust and carry it through the system until it’s blown out into your home. This lowers your indoor air quality, once again taking a toll on your family’s respiratory health. Additionally, that extra dirt and dust means more frequent air filter replacements, which is another expense for you.

If your air ducts haven’t been inspected in a while, make sure to have them looked at when you book your next tune-up or External link opens in new tab or windowair conditioning repair in Marietta, GA. Be sure to contact Shriver Mechanical, Inc., for all your HVAC service, inspection, and repair needs.