Why Choose a 24/7 Emergency Heat Repair Company

There was a time when home heating and cooling was considered a luxury, but today homeowners all over the country rely on their HVAC system to keep them safe and comfortable in extreme temperatures. One way to increase the likelihood of your heating system working properly throughout the winter is to keep it well maintained with regular tune ups and inspections, but even then, emergencies arise and you may need External link opens in new tab or windowheating service in Marietta, GA, when you least expect it. That’s why it’s important to have a 24/7 heating repair company that you can turn to when necessary.

Emergencies are Unexpected

The very nature of emergencies is that they’re unexpected, whether they’re health emergencies, weather-related emergencies, or any type of accident. Heating emergencies occur when your heating system is unable to work properly or safely. Unfortunately, no one can predict when these emergencies will occur, and although some heating emergencies may not be considered life threatening, they can put your family’s health, safety, and comfort at risk.


A company that provides 24/7 service can give you peace of mind that if you do experience an emergency with your HVAC system, someone will be able to come provide the services you need no matter what day or time it is.

Safety Concerns

A properly working heating system is important because if something malfunctions your family’s health could be at risk, not only from the dangers of cold temperatures, but from fire or carbon monoxide poisoning. If something stops working properly on your furnace, carbon monoxide could escape into your home, and at high enough levels the exposure could be fatal. A problem with the burner or electrical components could increase the risk of a house fire.


If you have any concerns—from strange sounds or smells to inefficient heating when your heating system is running—be sure to call for a professional opinion right away before your family’s safety is at risk.

Comfort Considerations

There are a few reasons when your discomfort could actually mean you have a heating emergency that requires 24/7 services. If your thermostat isn’t working at all and you’re sure that it’s on the right setting, there could be another problem, so you need to get help before you’re without heat for hours or days.


The same is true if you have cold air coming from your vents instead of warm air when the heater is running. Going without heat for a few hours is uncomfortable, but if you’re unable to get help from an HVAC company for a few days, your discomfort can become dangerous because hypothermia becomes a potential problem if you don’t have another heating source in your home.

Worsening Damage

Another reason you may need emergency help from a heating company is if you notice strange sounds or smells from when the heater runs. This is an emergency even if your furnace is still heating your home because these indications mean that there’s a problem with your system and ignoring the problem could cause more serious damage.


In many cases, a minor repair can be done before the damage worsens, but that’s only if you contact External link opens in new tab or windowreliable heating and air in Marietta, GA, when you first notice the problem. To avoid major repairs and even complete breakdown you need to contact a 24/7 repair company when you notice something is amiss. To schedule your appointment, contact Shriver Mechanical, Inc. today.