Upgrading Your Home Heating System

Imagine this - it’s the middle of winter, and you’ve just got in from a long day of work, excited to relax with your family. Except instead of the warm, cozy home you know, you’re greeted with a cold hallway and a thermostat that won’t budge.

Thankfully, it’s not a drag to upgrade your home heating system before that happens. There are measures you can take today to keep your heating system running smoothly. If you follow our top tips, you won’t have to keep Googling “what is the most economical heating system”, because you’ll know the best place to call.


Before You Upgrade

Often when your home heating system isn’t performing at its best, it’s simply because it needs the care and attention of a qualified engineer. We recommend getting your heating system serviced annually, as this will ensure we can diagnose and fix any issues before they become a major problem. However, if you’ve already had your annual tune-up and you’re sure something’s wrong, it’s best to get it checked out before you spend thousands of dollars on a brand new system.

Upgrading Your Heating on a Budget

We know that the idea of dropping four to five figures on a brand-new heating system isn’t something people dream about doing. While you might think that an underperforming heating system needs a full replacement, you can make upgrades to your system on a budget.

Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats are extremely popular because they are designed to respond to not only preset temperature settings but also the presence of your phone. Most cost under $300, making them a relatively cheap upgrade.

Check Heating Ducts

If you have a furnace-based heating system, then faulty or worn seals on your heating ducts can mean you’re losing heat before it can even reach you. Rooms that are difficult to heat and cool or stuffy rooms can indicate a problem with your heating duct seals.

Aquastat Boiler Controls

Aquastats help keep the temperature of the water in your boiler consistent, so it’s always ready to go whenever you need it. It also means that during the summer, you’ll lose less heat from your boiler as it’ll adjust automatically to the warmer temperatures.

Full Heating System Upgrades by Shriver

When smaller upgrades just aren’t cutting it, then it’s time to bite the bullet and invest in a brand-new home heating system. This will make your home more energy-efficient in the long run, making your home toasty warm when you need it to be.

At Shriver Mechanical, we’ve got 15 years of experience in heating repairs and installations. When you need an upgrade to your home heating system, our expert engineers will inspect your system and suggest the best solution for you, your home, and your budget.

We’re also on-call for emergencies 24/7 because we know that old heating systems don’t always give up during business hours. It’s our job to make sure that your home is your sanctuary, so we’re always here to help.

If you’re worried about your heating system’s performance, don’t leave it a second longer. Get in touch with Shriver Mechanical today, and we’ll find the best home heating system for you.