Upgrade Your HVAC System with a Smart Thermostat

We have come a long way from the old-school mercury thermostats of the past. Today, homeowners have a wide variety of digital thermostat options with modern, convenient features. Here are some of the top reasons to consider an upgrade to a smart HVAC thermostat.


Energy and cost savings

When paired with smart HVAC systems, smart thermostats prevent wasted energy in the form of unnecessary heating and cooling. When your system is working harder or longer than it has to, it means you’re using less energy overall, which translates to lower monthly bills and fewer maintenance costs over time, thanks to the reduced strain on your system.

Customized temperatures

Every family has at least one member who is perpetually cold and another that is always too warm. With a smart thermostat, you can employ zoned temperature controls to set varying temperatures for different areas of your home. It also comes in handy if you have a room or area of your home that you don’t use very often, as you can further reduce energy consumption by adjusting the temperature until you use the space again.

Better air quality

While the thermostat itself won’t improve your air quality, it can be a contributing factor. Most smart models can send automated reminders when your air filter needs to be changed along with notifications that it’s time to schedule maintenance. Some also include sensors that detect humidity levels so you can adjust your humidifier when the air becomes too dry or too humid. It all works together to make you breathe easier and feel better in your home.

Mobile control of your home’s temperature

Have you ever gone out of town and remembered (too late) that you didn’t adjust your home’s temperature before you left? Or turned your thermostat down while you are at work, only to come home to a frigid house?  A smart thermostat can help. Whether you want to turn the temperature up or down to save money while you’re out of the house or you want to ensure a toasty warm house when you return from a chilly commute, smart thermostats work with an app to allow adjustments over a Wi-Fi connection from anywhere you happen to be.

It’s a better investment than alternative models

Smart thermostats have many more features than their traditional counterparts. Even digital thermostats that may have customized settings to regulate temperatures are limited in the convenience and flexibility they offer. And if you have a mercury thermostat, you already know how challenging it is to set and read temperatures accurately--they are one-trick-ponies that can’t offer the same energy-efficiency or convenience of a smart model. While a smart thermostat may cost more upfront, it’s an investment that will soon pay for itself.

Contact a professional to learn more about the features and models available and to choose the right smart thermostat for your home.