Major Signs of A Troubled AC Compressor

AC Compressor Cartersville GAYour air conditioner cools your home using refrigerant that absorbs heat and compressed to release the heat and recirculate cold air into your home. The compressor is what allows this refrigerant compression to happen, so if something goes wrong with the compressor, it’s a major problem that requires External link opens in new tab or windowAC service in Cartersville, GA. When the compressor stops working properly, the air will continue to circulate throughout your home, but it will remain the same temperature. A failing compressor can sometimes be repaired, or it may result in new air conditioner installation because that’s often more cost effective. Regardless of what the outcome is, it‘s important that you recognize these signs of a failing compressor, so you can get an HVAC professional to diagnose the problem quickly.


Loud Noises


There are a few different noises you may notice coming from the compressor when it starts to fail or needs repairs. The bearings should not make any sounds, but when the seals on the bearings break you’ll often hear grinding sounds. Leaky bearings could also make a squealing sound. There are other sounds to listen for like rattling, clanging, or banging sounds that could indicate parts that have broken off. Clicking or ticking sounds when the compressor begins the cooling cycle could mean that there’s a problem with the electrical components. When relays or capacitors are the problem the AC might not turn on at all.


Short Cycling


Short cycling means that the AC system turns on and off frequently, often in the space of one minute. This problem might not be a direct result of a compressor in trouble, but problems that cause short cycling can add additional stress on the compressor and cause it to malfunction. Some of these possible causes of short cycling include a dirty air filter, frozen evaporator coil, or low refrigerant level. Any of these problems require immediate attention in order to prevent additional problems with your compressor.


Hard Starting


Hard starting means that your compressor sounds like it’s having difficulty starting every time it turns on because of increased resistance. This often happens when the compressor begins to age, but in some cases HVAC technicians can perform repairs or add parts that will help give the compressor a boost when it needs to start. Hard-starting drains more energy so you may notice utility bills going up as well.


Tripped Breakers


It’s not typical for your AC unit to trip a circuit breaker when it runs, but if you notice that the tripped breaker happens frequently and that it’s connected to the outdoor unit, it’s likely that the compressor is straining and drawing additional power and tripping the breaker.


Leaks around Condenser


If your compressor starts leaking refrigerant there may be moisture puddles around the condenser that doesn’t seem to have another explanation. If you suspect there’s leaking refrigerant, be sure to call for repairs right away.


Lack of Cooling


A more obvious sign of a compressor in trouble is when your house simply doesn’t cool down enough. This is inevitable when your compressor isn’t working correctly because it can’t control the flow of the refrigerant, which means the refrigerant will be unable to absorb heat and humidity from your home. As a result you’ll notice that the AC can’t cool the home to the temperature set on the thermostat and it will feel more humid. If you suspect you need AC repair or if you need External link opens in new tab or windowAC maintenance in Cartersville, GA, contact Shriver Mechanical, Inc. today.