Which Heating and Cooling Equipment Is Best for You?

Heating and cooling appliances are the answer to one of Mother Nature's biggest problems: sometimes temperatures are too uncomfortable or even unsafe for humans. Blazing hot summers and frigid, unbearable winters are facts of life across the country. So when you want to improve the heating and cooling technology inside your home, you might consider a variety of appliances. But before you contact new heating and cooling system installation in Marietta, you should shop smart.

These are a few options for home and business owners alike. There are many types of heating and cooling for Marietta properties, but this guide can help you find the best option for you.

Central Heating and Cooling

Central air conditioning and heating systems rely on a series of ducts, with which appliances can circulate air from the air conditioning unit or furnace into rooms throughout a home. Split systems are more common. These involve refrigerant that circulates from indoor coils to an outdoor condenser and compressor, then back again. Experts in HVAC in Marietta can help you install new ductwork for a central system, if you need it.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps function as both heaters and coolers. These are great options for those who live in temperate climates that do not have extremely hot or extremely cold temperatures. These systems work by extracting unwanted temperatures from indoor air and releasing it outside, warming or cooling the air depending on your needs.

Split Ductless Systems

Split ductless systems have condensers outside the building and several blower units inside, each one installed high on a different wall. They are connected by a series of tubes that cycle fluids to help cool or heat the air. They are less expensive options for homes or businesses without air ducts. Professional HVAC service in Marietta will be required to install and repair these units.

Unit Types

There are many types of heating and cooling units. You should shop with the right size in mind, as well as the efficiency rating. Efficient machines will have a high SEER rating but come with higher price tags. However, the energy costs over time make them well worth the investment. Different units also have different maintenance service plans. You may also want to consider the convenience of programmable thermostats, which allow you to create custom temperature schedules based on your needs and comfort level.

If you want advice about purchasing equipment for heating and cooling in Marietta, speak to heating and cooling professionals. They can advise you as to what you should buy, based on your property and budget.