What to Expect from a Good Commercial HVAC Service    

Whether your air conditioner is making grinding noises, smoking, refusing to cool air, or not turning on at all, you may need to hire a professional to come evaluate or tune up your A/C unit. If your heater smells like smoke, refuses to turn off, or seems to be overheating, then you need professional intervention. A HVAC company can assist you with all of your heating, cooling, and ventilation (HVAC) needs. But when you hire a professional technician, what should you expect? Or, rather, what should you insist on receiving? Start with these 3 qualities of a good service and repair technician.


When you cold-call a commercial HVAC service, someone should assist you right away. The same applies if you visit them in person. A professional should discuss your heating and cooling needs with you and should offer to send a professional to evaluate your system immediately. Whether it is the middle of a cold night and your heater stops working or you run a 24-hour business and the A/C has cut out, you need prompt service, day or night.

In addition, the technician should show up right away when they are needed. If you make an appointment for a tune-up or AC installation, the technician should arrive on the dot.


Air conditioner maintenance is complex work. In fact, all HVAC service work requires intense classroom and hands-on training. What this means is that every certified technician who visits your home or business should show knowledge and understanding of your specific system, the problems that are plaguing your system, and a plan of action to get your heating or A/C up and running again.

If a technician seems to lack experience, is not knowledgeable, or cannot diagnose your problem, then you will not be able to trust them. Nothing is more frustrating on a hot weekday afternoon or cold morning than feeling that the professional you have hired is not earning their bill.

Honest Pricing

Speaking of bills, HVAC service fees can be scary for some home and business owners. Unfortunately, many contractors are dishonest with their pricing and have price-gouging policies written into their training procedures. However, it is easy to recognize when you have found an honest contractor. They will perform a thorough examination of your system before making recommendations and will recommend simple repairs before expensive services like a unit or full system replacement.

You can be sure you will get good, honest, and effective services if you form a good working relationship with a commercial HVAC service in Marietta. Get in touch with a contractor today so you can have a reliable service team available in a heating or cooling emergency.