Ways to Cut Unnecessary Costs on Air Conditioning

Saving money on your monthly air conditioning doesn’t have to be complicated. You can manage your costs easily enough by making a few simple habit shifts, minimizing your use and maintenance costs for air conditioning in Marietta and beyond.

Throw Some Shade

It’s simple and effective. Covering your windows and keeping them covered with shades whenever you aren’t home can help more easily regulate the temperature in your home throughout the day without your system having to work harder to accomplish it.

Fan Yourself

Your complex HVAC system works hard to help keep the air cool in your home. However, sometimes you can utilize a simpler tool to get what you need: a fan. Whether it’s the fan system in your HVAC or a standalone fan you prop up in the kitchen while you’re cooking, these simple gestures can help you stay cool when you need it without stressing over whether or not to adjust your HVAC’s temperature.

Sealed Tight

Evaluate the window and door frames in your home, and consider if your insulation is old or how effective it really is. Adjustments to the insulation, or making sure that there are minimal air leaks going through your doors and windows, can help to put your home in the best shape for keeping cool air from escaping or from letting warm air in during the summer.


Cooling is easier for your HVAC system to accomplish when air is circulating easily and effectively. Make sure the vents aren’t being blocked by furniture, plants, bookshelves, curtains or anything to that effect, and your room’s circulation will be that much more effective. Watch out for pets that like to lie on top of your vents as well.

Keep It Clean

Your system has filters that help ensure the air in your home stays clean. When these filters get too much buildup, they can not only circulate stale air, but it takes that much more effort from your system to circulate that air. Minimize this unnecessary waste of energy by making sure you clean your filters thoroughly at least once a year.


A professional HVAC technician can check your system and make sure that all its parts are working properly and effectively. A technician can make small adjustments that improve the overall effectiveness and efficiency of your HVAC system, easily cutting costs. The smallest change can make the biggest difference, and inefficiencies can add up over time to a lot of energy and money lost.

Keep these simple tips in mind as you try to save money on air conditioning in Marietta this summer, and make sure you work together with your technician to strategize other ways to save on costs this season.