Top 5 Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips

Air conditioning is a creature comfort that no one ever wants to be without. While it's pumping away, you enjoy the cool air and don't often give a thought to what sort of shape your air conditioning unit might be in, let alone what sort of maintenance it needs. Shriver Mechanical, Inc., experts at AC maintenance in Acworth, would like to help you out with this by offering you what we feel are the most important tips you'll need to keep your air conditioning in good working order. 

Check the Outside Unit

If your outside unit is obstructed in any way, this will affect how well your AC functions. Be sure to perform routine checks of the area immediately around the unit and clear away branches or anything else that's in the way. It's important to make sure the air flow is not obstructed. 

Clean or Replace Air Filter

Unlike the outside unit, the air filter exists to trap dirt and other particles to prevent them from entering your AC unit. However, when the filter gets too dirty, your air conditioner will have to work harder. It won't operate as well as it should, either. Check the filter once a month and clean it or replace it if necessary. 

Condenser Unit Fan

Located at the top of the outside unit, the condenser fan won't do its job if there are cracks in some of the blades. If you find your fan in this condition, replace it--or at least replace the cracked blades. 

Examine the Thermostat

Your thermostat controls your air conditioning, so if it's not functioning properly--even though the other components of your AC are working fine--your home might not keep cool. Take the time to fully learn how to program your thermostat. An older model might need to be exchanged for a more efficient, modern one. 

Check Wires and Connections

Start with the outside unit and check the wiring. Sometimes wires get melted and will no longer function. If a wire looks old, replacing it is good policy. Also, check the connections to see if they're secure. Check the wiring on the inside unit and the connections to the thermostat as well. 

AC companies in Acworth can help you with this important maintenance. If you need to replace your AC unit, AC installation in Acworth is just a phone call away.