Tips on Winter Energy Efficiency and Maintenance for Commercial Buildings

You depend on your furnace to heat your business all year round, but it is especially important during the winter that you can count on it at all times. If your employees are constantly feeling chilled, it won’t be long before they start feeling cranky and taking lots more sick days because of the frigid, stagnant air in the office. Here are the top 4 maintenance tips you can do to keep your furnace efficient and running perfectly all winter, which you will want to talk about with an HVAC service professional.

Schedule Preventive Maintenance

You should have a preventive maintenance agreement with an HVAC contractor you trust. Before winter sets in is a great time to have your commercial HVAC system tuned up. You should plan to do this once per year to make sure that your system is ready for the winter months ahead. Ask your HVAC technician about your options in terms of a maintenance agreement to ensure you are getting the best service possible.

Calibrate Thermostats for Greater Teamwork

One thing that you can do during your regular tune-up is to have a technician come out to your facility and calibrate all the thermostats in the office. When you have multiple units in one building and they are all set at different temperatures, they will battle against each other. You want all your thermostats to be working together, just like your employees. When you do this, however, make sure that all employees know about the system and don’t adjust it on their own, as this will create the need to recalibrate the thermostats again.

Fix Any Leaks or Failures

Maybe during the warmer months you were able to put off leaks in your ductwork and failures in your system because you weren’t using the furnace much, if at all. However, this is going to be difficult to live with during the winter. Make sure you have any repairs taken care of well before you actually need to use your furnace.

Change the Air Filters

One thing that you need to do regularly is check the air filters on all HVAC units. Dirty air filters are the one thing that most often is to blame when people in the building begin to exhibit asthma or flu-like symptoms. Air filters are in place to filter the air that goes from the furnace to the rest of the building, and if the filters are dusty and dirty, then your employees will be breathing in this air and will be more likely to get seriously ill. Following these key elements of HVAC service will save you a lot of money and time.