Tips on Keeping Warm This Winter

Hopefully the weather outside isn’t too frightful just yet. If you’re looking for a reliable heating repair service in Marietta, then here are some tips other than an HVAC tune up that will help to keep your home warm this winter.

A Programmable Thermostat

If your home heating system is smart enough for the upgrade, it may be time to consider installing an in-home thermostat. This is going to maximize the warmth in your home, while preventing you from spending more money on your heating bill that you’d originally planned. Keep warm, and keep yourself from emptying your wallet at the end of each month, with a programmable thermostat.

Curtain Control

This is an inexpensive and simple way to keep your house warmer. During the day, if you leave your curtains and blinds open, the natural heat from the sun’s light will infiltrate your home through your windows and cause the rooms in your home to naturally keep warmer. Then at night, once the sun has gone down, closing those same curtains and blinds can act as a buffer between your home and the heat-cold transfer that happens to some degree between them.

Re-Examine Your Ceiling Fans

As great as a ceiling fan is for spreading the joy of cooler air around during the warmer months, many don’t know that they can serve a purpose in the cold as well. Some ceiling fans have a reverse switch on them which, when turned on, causes the fan to propel in a counterclockwise direction. This, combined with the blade shape, takes advantage of the fact that warm air rises, and pushes that warm air back down into the parts of the room that reach you.

Free the Vents

A home heating system is only as effective as the vent openings are free. Whether it’s a couch or a nightstand, make sure that your home’s vents aren’t being blocked and that the warm air being