Tips on Finding the Right AC System for Your Home

When it comes time for an air conditioner replacement, it's important to choose the right one for the job. Many of our clients have the system that was there when they bought their home. When they get ready to replace the AC, homeowners should take certain things into consideration to make sure that they choose the right one. Here are 5 steps that should be taken.

Consider Different Types

Air conditioners come in several different types. One of the most basic ones is the window unit, and the most common type installed is a central unit. Other types include the split air conditioner or package air conditioner. These systems allow homeowners to cool different areas of their homes. Before making a decision, learn about each one and determine which would be the most beneficial to install.

Calculate the Proper Size

It's important to calculate the proper size needed for the home rather than base it off the one that is currently installed. The size needed to cool the home varies based on a number of factors. Choosing an air conditioner that is too small causes it to work overtime to cool the home, and one that is too large is inefficient and costs more than necessary. To calculate the heating and cooling loads required, some of the factors to consider include the home's square footage, architectural features, construction materials, insulation, window sizes and types, orientation and layout, infiltration rate, and duct leakage.

Check for Energy Efficiency

Companies that manufacture air conditioners must label the equipment with their energy rating score. The SEER (seasonal energy efficiency rating) should be at least 13 for ideal efficiency levels. Energy-efficient equipment is more expensive, but it provides homeowners with great savings over time.

Inspect for Quality Parts

Learn about the manufacturers to determine whether they use quality parts. Some of the parts of an air conditioner that are most important to check include the compressor and fans. These parts should be reliable, efficient, and quiet. A steel cabinet to cover the equipment also helps protect the coils and makes it easier to maintain.

Choose the Right Installer

It won't matter what system is installed if the installation is faulty. The best installers are experienced and stand by their work. Talk to people who have recently installed a new air conditioning system to find out which dealer they used and whether they would recommend the company.

Getting an air conditioner replacement is a great time to consider the factors that can help improve the air conditioning of the home. Using these tips can help homeowners choose a system that is the right fit for their home.