Things to Expect from Air Conditioning Service

Most homeowners are aware that HVAC systems need regular maintenance in order to keep the whole system running smoothly, avoid premature replacement costs, and lower monthly utility bills as well. But when you're searching for a good HVAC company in Kennesaw, you may not know exactly what type of services you should be looking for. Here are key services professionals in HVAC and air conditioning service in Kennesaw should provide.


Like any piece of machinery that gets a lot of use, your air conditioning (and entire HVAC system) is going to collect dust and dirt. It's important to have your system professionally cleaned so that the parts keep working as they should. Even if you regularly change your filter (which you should!), dirt can accumulate in the evaporator and condenser coil, which makes it more difficult for the AC to absorb heat, making the whole system run inefficiently. The fins and drains also need to be cleaned to increase efficiency and reduce the workload for your AC unit.


While your system is being cleaned, the technician will also inspect all the parts to make sure they are in working order and that there is no damage. This inspection is important because if any problems are detected they can be addressed right away before they become bigger problems and cause major damage. This inspection checks how the blades are rotating, electrical fittings, how the motor is working, drain lines, how much electricity the compressors and motors are using, and much more. 

Parts Check

Along with the inspection, your HVAC system will have every part inspected. The fan motor and blades will be checked to verify adequate lubricant levels, and in fact, all moving parts will be checked for lubrication. It's also important for the electrical components like the thermostat to be checked.

Refrigerant Level

The technician will also check the refrigerant level in your system, which can alert him or her of a leak. The pressure is also checked because optimum pressure allows your system to run at its highest level of efficiency.

Tune Up and Repairs

When the parts are all checked, there may be some minor tuning up and adjustments to be made. Sometimes the blower components need adjustments made, or perhaps the electrical connections weren't quite tight enough. In most cases, only small adjustments like these are necessary. Older systems may require some minor repairs to prevent future problems down the road. Although these repairs aren't necessarily part of a regular servicing, you're better off taking care of them at the same time, if possible.