Things to Consider before Calling an AC Service

No matter what time of year it is, panic sets in when your AC goes out. Before you rush to call your local expert for heating and cooling in Marietta, there are a few things you can check and fix yourself. Keep reading to learn more from Shriver Mechanical.   

Power and Gas

First, make sure you have power going to your unit. A late-night power surge could have triggered the breaker while you slept. Check the breaker first and reset it if you have to. Next, check the outdoor unit to make sure that the power cable running to the unit hasn’t been damaged. This can happen when you're mowing the yard and trim too closely around the unit. If your home runs on gas, verify that your gas meter has been activated with your utility provider.

Air Filters

When was the last time you changed your air filter? Air filters trap dust, dander, and other airborne particulate and keep them from recirculating through your unit. However, when a filter becomes clogged, it can choke the flow of air through your ventilation system. This will force your unit to work harder to pull air through the unit. Eventually, this could cause a serious breakdown from overexertion. You should be changing your filters every other month to prevent clogging and to maintain air quality.   


Have you checked the batteries in your thermostat? Some newer thermostats, also called smart thermostats, have batteries instead of direct wiring into the house. Smart thermostats are convenient because they can be controlled via Wi-Fi and a smartphone even when you’re not in the house. However, when the battery dies, it can’t communicate with your AC unit and tell it to turn on. 

Drain Lines

Finally, check the drain lines running from your indoor unit. This is usually located in your garage or AC closet. If it's clogged, things will start to heat up inside your home. Keep this line clear by adding a half a cup of bleach or white vinegar mixed with water.

If these tricks don’t solve your problem, you could need professional help. Whether it’s an easy fix or a new heating and cooling system installation in Marietta, contact Shriver Mechanical for an estimate.