Things to Consider When Hiring an AC Professional

When your old air conditioner bites the dust, you're faced not only with the overwhelming task of choosing a new AC unit, but you also have to find a great contractor to make sure the job is done correctly. It's important to not make these decisions lightly, so be sure to consider a few things when looking for the right professional to install a new air conditioner in Cartersville.

What Brands Do You Install?

Before you choose a contractor for AC service in Cartersville, be sure to research different brands and models of AC units. The price of the unit will vary depending on the size (how large of an area it can cool effectively), how quietly it operates, how energy efficient it is (SEER rating), and whether it's one or two-stage cooling. As you research, determine which factors are the most important so that when you're considering contractors you can find one that installs models with your preferences.

How Do You Determine the Size?

It's important to ask the contractor how they determine the right size of AC unit for your home as well. Some contractors will simply try to sell a unit based on the square footage of your home. However, the height of the ceilings, crawlspaces, windows, and orientation of your home should all be taken into account. This ensures that you'll have the perfectly sized AC unit for your home and not be oversold or undersold.

What's Included in the Estimate?

The AC professional should always be willing to provide an estimate which should include both parts and labor. The estimate should be in writing and should include a close estimate of when they expect the job to be finished. It should also spell out the payment schedule, including any deposits that are due before installation starts.

Do You Offer a Warranty?

A new AC unit will come with a manufacturer's warranty, so make sure you know the details of that warranty, including any maintenance that may be required to keep the warranty in effect. Some warranties are only valid if the unit is professionally maintained at regular intervals. The AC company may also offer an extended warranty or maintenance plan that you can ask about.