Preparing Your Home for Air Conditioner Installation

Whether you're replacing your existing conditioner or getting one installed for the first time, you need to take certain steps to prepare your home for the air conditioner to be installed. Proper preparation will help the installation go more smoothly and quickly, saving your installer time and saving you money. Here are 3 ways to prepare yourself and your home for air conditioning installation in Acworth.

Educate Yourself

First, know what the installers process is. Ask them how long the installation should take, and anything they want you to know or do prior to the installation. Find out what type of unit they will be installing, how much space it takes, and any adjustments that will need to be made to your existing system to accommodate the new unit. The more you know about your new unit and the installation process, the easier it will be to prepare.

Clear the Area

Your air conditioning unit will be installed in an area outside of the house, adjacent to a wall. If you already have an existing unit that you're replacing, the new unit will likely be installed in the same place. If you don't have a unit currently, ask your installer where the new one will be installed. Then, you'll need to clear the area as completely as you can. If items are stored in the area, they will need to be moved, and any trees or plants growing in the space will need to be pulled out or cut down.

Clean Your Ducts

With existing ductwork, you will want to ensure the ducts are cleaned and well maintained before installing a new unit. Getting a new AC installed with dirty ductwork might solve some of your cooling problems, but the new unit won't be nearly as efficient as it could be. So, if you want to get the most out of your newly installed HVAC system, make sure to have your ducts professionally cleaned before the new unit is installed.

If you follow these 3 tips, your air conditioner installation in Acworth should go smoothly.