Prepare Your A/C Unit for Spring

As the spring approaches, it is time to think about how to get prepared for the arrival of warmer temperatures. It is nice to see the sun for longer hours again, but we still don’t want to deal with the heat that may make our homes uncomfortable. In order to avoid any problems and ensure your family comfort during the warmest months of the year, it’s ideal to get your A/C unit prepared.

One of the most important things about preparing your A/C unit for the spring is to know which possible problems you should look for. Nothing should go unnoticed, and if you suspect that anything is wrong, call an air conditioning repair contractor before you actually need your unit working at full potential.

At Shriver Mechanical we have an air conditioning team with over thirty years of experience, so we decided to put together some tips that can help you identify possible problems. Here they are:

·         Turn your A/C unit on – If you turn your unit on before you really need it, you can check if it’s still working properly after winter, when you didn’t need it at all. Sometimes the lack of use may give it the opportunity for some problems to occur. If your A/C doesn’t come on, you need an experienced contractor to help you right away.

·         The A/C unit turns on, but the air doesn’t cool properly – That’s a common problem that may occur because of a series of issues. When testing your A/C, make sure that you allow it to be on for a while. When you do that, you’re able to make sure if the air is cooling down or not.

·         The outdoor unit isn’t working properly – Take some time to check the outdoor unit for any banging noises, and to check if the fan is circulating without problems.

·         Noisy A/C system – You shouldn’t only check for noises that may come from the outdoor unit, but also from the A/C system itself. Sometimes there may be loud noises coming from the ductwork.

·         Check filters – It is important to make sure that you have clean filters installed before you start to use your unit again. All the time that you didn’t use your A/C during the winter created a favorable condition for dust buildup.

If you suspect that there is something irregular in your unit when you check it, make sure that you call a contractor to assist you. For now your unit may be in need of a simple maintenance, but in case you wait and start to use it, the problem may turn into an expensive repair.