Is It Time to Repair Your HVAC System?

Problems with your HVAC system can cause problems during any season of the year because both the heating and cooling systems can be affected. Unfortunately, many homeowners miss signs of needed HVAC repair in Marietta because, in many cases, the system will continue functioning and problems go unnoticed until a larger problem, like a breakdown, occurs. You can help avoid a major problem with your HVAC system by watching for these signs that repair is needed.

Thermostat Issues

Ideally, you should be able to keep your home at a consistent temperature without having to adjust the thermostat either up or down constantly. If you are adjusting the thermostat often, it could mean that you need repairs, or maybe even just cleaning. Dirty air ducts may cause hot or cold spots that cause you to adjust the thermostat, which doesn't solve the problem in most cases.

Continually Running System

Whether your system is running continually to cool the house or to heat it, this is a sure indication that something is wrong and your system needs to be repaired. This means that something is preventing your system from running efficiently or that something is wrong with the thermostat. Not only does this waste a lot of energy, but it's bad for your system as well. When your system runs constantly or more frequently than necessary, extra wear and tear is placed on the system, which necessitates additional repairs and possibly even premature replacement.

Ice Buildup

You should call an HVAC company in Marietta if you notice ice buildup on the outside of your air conditioner or heat pump. Ice buildup on these appliances may be due to poor airflow from a dirty system. Built up ice further compounds the airflow problem, which in turn causes additional problems. Ice buildup could also be due to a refrigerant leak, which requires professional assistance. Any ice buildup should be addressed by a professional to determine the cause of the buildup and to ensure the ice is removed without causing further damage to your HVAC system.

Energy Efficiency

Poor energy efficiency, which may become apparent either from hot and cold spots in the house, a system that runs more often than usual, or higher energy use on your utility bills are all a good indication that your HVAC system needs some sort of service or repair. If you notice your energy use is increasing for no apparent reason, you should call for HVAC services as soon as possible to prevent more serious problems for your system.