Important Considerations When Hiring an HVAC Company

Whether you're looking for a commercial HVAC service in Marietta for repairs or replacement, it's important to find a good contractor to make sure the job is done correctly the first time for a good price. That's why it's important to not overlook these important considerations when hiring a commercial HVAC professional. Here are the most important things to look for.


HVAC companies are required to be licensed in Georgia, so first of all, make sure they have a current license to provide commercial HVAC services. Your HVAC company in Marietta should be more than willing to show these credentials.


A good company will also be able to show proof of liability insurance, which protects you from being sued if something happens to any part of your home due to a technician's actions. In addition, the company should carry worker's compensation insurance so that you don't end up paying any hospital bills if a technician is injured in your home while working.

Provided Services

Make sure that the AC company you're considering provides all the services you're looking for. In addition to installation, they should provide maintenance and repair services. This is especially important if there are any warranties involved so that you know who to turn to if something goes wrong.

Good Reviews

There are numerous resources you can look to in order to find reviews on an HVAC company. Review and rating websites can be a great resource because companies are graded on specifics like contract adherence, professionalism, and customer satisfaction. You can also check with the Better Business Bureau to see if any complaints have been filed and to learn a company's consumer rating. In addition to reading online reviews and testimonials, ask friends, colleagues, family, and neighbors for recommendations so that you can get more detailed information on their experience.

Clear Contract

In addition to obtaining a detailed written estimate from the company, make sure you carefully read any service contract before signing it. This contract should clearly state the cost of the job, including parts and labor as well as the time period that the work will take place, including the deadline. It should also spell out your responsibility as far as payment schedule is concerned.