How to Use Your A/C Correctly during the Summer

During the summer, your only goal may be to keep your home as cool as possible to save you from the sweltering Marietta heat. But did you know there are smarter ways to run your air conditioning system to not only keep your home comfortable but to also save you money? At Shriver Mechanical, Inc., it is our goal to help you do both with ease. Follow these tips to use your A/C correctly and efficiently this summer.

Change the Filter

One of the simplest ways to keep your A/C running efficiently is to make sure the filter is clean and changed about every month. The function of the filter is to trap dirt, allergens, and dust in the air, so when you let it build up for too long, your family's health could suffer. Not to mention your A/C will have to work harder to maintain the temperature with a clogged filter.

Filters themselves aren't very expensive, and the changing process can be done all by yourself in less than a minute.

Make Sure It's Clean

It's essential to keep the filter cleaned, but that won't do much good if the system itself is dirty from the summer before. You can trust our professionals to come to your house and ensure your A/C is running at optimum efficiency, ready to take on another hot summer. A simple cleaning, tune-up, and diagnostic test will give you peace of mind that you won't have to deal with your A/C dying when you need it most.

If it does end up giving you problems at inconvenient times, however, just know that we also offer 24-hour emergency services for simple to major repairs.

Keep the Sun Out

Your A/C works hard to maintain the temperature inside your home, but it makes it much harder when the hot sun is streaming through the windows. You can help save on your energy bill by keeping the windows and doors closed and investing in blackout shades and shutters. "Blackout" doesn't mean you have to live in a dungeon, though--many varieties can still let sunlight in while keeping the heat out.

Get a Programmable Thermostat

Not only will a programmable thermostat help you save money, but it will save you worry and stress as well. You can keep the temperature a couple degrees higher when no one is home, and make sure it's cooled back down before anyone returns home without lifting a finger once you set the schedule.

Follow these tips and you will avoid needing new air conditioning installation in Marietta.