How to Pick the Right Air Conditioning Unit

Ideally, a good quality air conditioning unit will last you 10-15 years. That is a big commitment so make sure you get the best unit for your money. Check out this buyer’s guide to new air conditioners in Marietta from the HVAC professionals at Shriver Mechanical, Inc.

Types of HVAC

There are several different kinds of air conditioning units available on the market today. The most common type is known as a split system. It utilizes a system of ducts that move cold air through the home. A central air unit is comprised of ductwork attached an indoor coil and an outdoor condenser that circulates refrigerant to keep the house cool. Heat pump conditioners work in reverse, sucking warm air out of the house during the summer months and in during the winter. A ductless system is for homes that cannot run ductwork. It uses a primary condenser unit located outside the home and is attached to a network of blower units throughout the home. The indoors units are individually controlled usually by remote.

Unit Size

Once you know what type of system works best for your home and climate, you need to determine the unit capacity. The capacity needed is measured in British thermal units, or BTUs, per hour. You will need to determine the size of each room in your home if you are installing a ductless system, however, for central air and heat pump units, you only need the square footage of your entire home. Your average home in the United States is approximately 2,500 square feet. A house this size needs a unit with a capacity of 34,000 BTUs or 3 refrigeration tons. A unit that is rated lower than needed will not be able to adequately cool or warm your home. This will result in higher energy costs as it struggles to meet your demands.

Energy Efficiency

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has specific guidelines in place to measure energy efficiency in many of our everyday appliances. The blue Energy Star logo you need on products like washers, dryers, and air conditioning units signifies that these products have been approved by the EPA for energy efficiency. When you are shopping for your new unit, check out the SEER rating on each unit. Units must have a minimum rating of 13 to be considered energy efficient, the highest ranking units going as high as 25.

Warranties and Maintenance

As you narrow down your shopping list, consider the manufacturer's warranties on parts and labor. How long are the warranties and does your HVAC company offer extended warranties on parts and labor? Also, ask about maintenance programs and yearly check-ups. These programs cover a wide range of preventative maintenance services that will keep your unit performing at its best.

When you begin your search for air conditioning units in Marietta, remember that you are making a long term purchase!