How to Know That Your AC Needs Repair Service

A well-running air conditioner is essential during the hot Marietta summers, so it's important that you recognize the warning signs that you need AC service in Marietta. Recognizing these indications early is important to avoid more serious and costly repairs later on, which will help you to avoid replacing your AC unit prematurely. Here are the top 6 signs to watch for.

Strange Sounds

An efficient AC unit should turn on and shut off with little noise. If you notice loud noises when the unit turns on or shuts off it could mean that the motor is wearing out or that there are loose connections that need to be repaired. Be aware of other unusual sounds like buzzing, ticking, or rattling while the AC operates as these could also indicate a problem with the motor, or possibly a bent fan blade on the outdoor unit.

Less Comfortable

Another warning sign is that your home just doesn't feel as comfortable as it should. In many cases this is an issue of reduced airflow that has gone undetected. It may be remedied by changing the air filter, or it may require further AC repair in Marietta, like checking or adding coolant. You may notice that the air coming from the registers is warmer than it should be or that it's taking longer than usual to get the house cooled down. In other cases, the system may be shutting off prematurely before you're comfortable.

Weaker Airflow

Weaker airflow can be due to something as simple as a dirty filter, blocked registers, or debris around the outside unit. However, weakened airflow even when regularly changing the air filter can indicate a larger problem, possibly with the blower. This may be harder to detect unless you pay specific attention to how well the air is flowing.

Water Puddle

Condensation from normal air conditioning operation results in water that normally collects in a pan and flows outside through a floor drain. A water puddle next to the furnace means that the water is unable to flow through the tube, probably because of a blockage. It's important to get this blockage removed right away before water leaks and causes damage.

Higher Utility Bills

Higher utility bills are indicative of decreasing efficiency, which is usually due to worn out parts that need to be replaced. If you've made no changes to the thermostat setting and have noticed an increase in energy usage, it's a good idea to have a technician come look at your system.

AC Doesn't Turn On

The most concerning sign of AC trouble is a refusal to kick on at all. This usually means that the compressor needs to be replaced, which is a costly repair. However, it's best to get a professional opinion and estimate of repairs before deciding whether to do an expensive repair or replace your AC.